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Boutique de Joie

Boutique de Joie, clothier of fine apparel, accessories, jewelry, and gifts offers a wonderful selection for the shopper who is looking for something special and unique.

Owner Joyce Sprunger notes that her clients are from all walks of life- and literally all ages. There is truly something for everyone in her shop, and often her clients return for various items and accessories and bring friends and family too!

  1. Q: Tell us a little bit more about your shop, what lines do you carry, and why should new shoppers come and explore the options at Boutique de Joie?

    A: What you wear reflects the window to your spirit… look beautiful, feel beautiful, be beautiful. But being beautiful is more then skin deep- it is a passion that runs beneath the surface and a confidence and level of comfort with who WE are as women!

    My store is geared to help my clients be confident and strong representatives of whom they are. We offer a wide variety of clothing apparel and accessories that literally compliments all body shapes, sizes, and figures.

    Our jewelry is exquisite! We offer an exceptional selection by well-known artisans such as Sophia Forero, Claudia Lobao, Georgianni, David Tishbi, and more.

    The boutique also carries a wide variety of apparel lines- while always continuing to look for that new, cutting edge, unusual, and comfortable clothing lines that are top quality.

    We do carry SPANX, and have broadened our shoe selection to include Switch Flops, Dezario, and other name brands.

  2. Q: What is the history behind your shop, how did you come to select Downtown Adrian?

    A: Six years ago when my daughter was getting married I was purchasing fabric for her bridesmaid’s dresses. This special order became my to-date career as I began to receive orders for weddings, special occasions, and a couple of small shops. After working outside my home for 32 years, I decided to open my business in the parlor of our home. Customers could come and go without being a part of our actual house. I was there for about 6 months before being approached to move to Downtown Adrian in the Home Design Gallery on West Maumee. For a little over a year and a half my business continued to grow. When my current building became available I realized it would provide the storefront I so needed for my business to continue to grow.

  3. Q: Who are your primary customers, why do you believe they shop your store?

    A: My primary customers are, of course, well-fashioned women- however I do have those “loving husbands” and significant others that do shop my store for gifts and special occasions.

    Really my store offers something for women in all walks of life. Trendy teens, a variety of professionals, stay-at-home moms, retirees… you name it! I believe it is this ability to stock what women really want that brings them back again and again.

  4. Q: You’ve described what makes your store so unique, but what other pieces of your store makes it an experience to shop at?

    A: I would like to think my clients return because they enjoy that one on one experience. I truly come to learn what my clients like, dislike, and feel beautiful in. That relationship is part of what bonds me to my clients and them in turn to me. One of my favorite things about my store is witnessing my clients get to know ONE ANOTHER and genuinely enjoying themselves while they are here. My clients, and friends, usually receive a hug when they leave. They are almost an extended family to me!

  5. Q: What are some of your fondest memories about your store, or your downtown experience?

    A: Oh, I absolutely LOVE the style shows, and “Ladies Night Out” events. It is such a joy to see women enjoying themselves, their friends, and just enjoying life. I also love when I can expose my clients to something new- something they might not have tried had I not shown them something a little different.

    I truly believe I am indebted to my clients, the downtown area salons, and my friends in business. Their willingness to share my store, and help get the word out is one the ways that I have been able to grow, expand, and remain a part of the downtown experience. I am so truly thankful to each of them.

  6. Q: What is your absolute favorite item (small or large) that you stock?

    A: Oh- how to pick just one! Without a doubt I love when I receive new clothing lines, and of course Sophia Forero’s jewelry is just incredible… but you know, I think my favorite item is the SPONGELLE bath sponges. It smells so decadent, and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. I love that it lasts longer then the packaging says- I mean, how often does that happen, right?

    I do love my SPANX too… most ladies at some point or another know what a difference they can make!

  7. Q: What is your favorite thing about being Downtown?

    A: I love the people downtown. I love that SO MANY people like shopping in our niche stores that are just off the beaten path and away from the scenery of strip malls. While I understand the need for BIG BOX stores- I prefer to be quaint and unique.

    There are some truly wonderful businesses in downtown Adrian! There is lots of room for our community to continue to grow and re-develop. There are so many organizations that have worked hard to contribute their resources in revitalization downtown (including the City and DDA) and for that I am thankful!

    I believe we all could use that “special” experience that we as kids used to feel when we visited downtown. I, for one, would love to see a return to that.